Why Exercise Boosts IQ and its effects on Musical Ability

Why Exercise Boosts IQ and its effects on Musical Ability



If you want a sharper, faster and more productive mind, the evidence suggest we should go to the gym. Why is this the case? And how can this help my Classical Guitar playing?

We have all bought gym memberships as new years resolution, we go a few times and the motivation goes away and we go back to old comfortable habits, perhaps practicing on the Classical Guitar. But what if i told you brains goes with brawn? Confused, read on.

Scientist think that when we exercise the flood of new oxygen to the brain stimulates the brain and allows it to generate new neurons and run more efficiently. This could be a great way of boosting your mood and brain power and perhaps help improve your Classical Guitar playing by optimising the brain and helping you run at peak efficiency mentally and physically. So whacky right? How can exercise improve my Classical Guitar playing.

So next time you get stuck on that one  Classical Guitar piece you have been torturing yourself with, hit the gym fire up some neurons and see what happens.

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Thanks Steve Hughes BMus (Hons)