Thoughts of a Classical Guitar Teacher

Thoughts of a Classical Guitar Teacher



Often when we first start playing the Classical Guitar we have no idea what we are getting ourselves into, i often wonder if the absolute beginner Classical Guitarist could jump in a time machine and fast forward to the future, would they be happy with the how they did things.

With age comes wisdom; well sometimes, maybe! Some times a fool simply becomes an old fool, but lets not ramble. Without doubt by the time you have acquired enough practical knowledge to teach yourself, you have learnt some many bad habits that it sometimes feels it would be easier to wipe the hard drive and start again. 

Getting the best quality Classical teacher will go along way to help this particular problem.

IT is however a interesting philosophical exercise to imagine where will my Classical Guitar skills be in ten years, will i reach the much sought after grade eight and diploma levels or will i be relegated to playing the grade five piece on my music stand right now? Well i certainly cannot answer this question for you but looking into the future can help you focus on the present! I believe they call that an oxymoron!! It was a happy war etc.

What advice would the future you give yourself; perhaps buy that Classical Guitar you always wanted sooner rather than later:


This is just a few selections of the kind of high quality Classical Guitar purchase you would want to buy to improve the quality and quantity of your Classical Guitar practice sessions.


Enough rambling go do some practice people,


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Thanks Steve Hughes BMus (Hons)