Pimp my practice room Classical Guitar

Pimp my practice room Classical Guitar



One of the most neglected and overlooked aspects of practicing the Classical Guitar or learning any musical instrument, is finding and maintaining a comfortable and welcoming place to practice Classical Guitar. 

Setting is very important for learning anything; we must be comfortable relaxed and feel like we want to practice the Classical Guitar. 

Always make yourself comfortable, find a chair or any seating variation that maximise the comfort of playing the Classical Guitar.

Make the room an efficient practice space, have all your Classical Guitar books stands, tunners, Guitars etc in an organise place where you can simply sit down and complete your daily practice routine.

Ask yourself simple questions every day such as how can i improve this space, how can i make this a better room to practice my Classical Guitar?

This little and often approach really adds up over larger periods of time; months years etc. Give it a go you may be surprised what you can achieve on the classical guitar with just this little thought exercise.

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Thanks Steve Hughes BMus (Hons)