Nail care for the classical Guitar

Nail care for the classical Guitar



As a Classical Guitar teacher i see a wide range of syles of nail care applied to the Classical Guitar, one of the most overlooked aspects, assuming your right handed is keeping the nails low and flat on the right hand fretting hand. It is easy to forget to maintain this aspect of nail care and will diminish your Classical Guitar playing ability if allowed to top unchecked.

The most obvious area to focus on, again assuming your right handed, is the right hand plucking hand of the Classical Guitarist.

The typical approach is to use a media to course grain nail file to shape the nails of the Classical Guitarist and then apply a very fine sanding paper to finish the nail, something like 1200 grit, there are other options of course: nails kits, all in one rough and smooth nail files etc.

Every body has there own personal preference as to how long they want there nails on the picking hand of the Classical Guitar, and also what shape the particular nail should be. There are many options and variations for tone production and paying ease on the Classical Guitar, i recommend experimenting with various methods and picking the one you like best. You're are looking for playability on the Classical Guitar and Tone production. The shape and size of your Nails on the Classical Guitar has a huge effect on the tone and sound quality you can get from your Classical Guitar.

Here is a link to a video providing further detail and explanations; this is the method i currently use myself.


Have fun with this and remember to experiment and find what works for you and your Classical Guitar Playing.

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