How to practice Classical Guitar 2.

How to practice Classical Guitar 2.

As you learn to play the classical guitar you quickly come to realise that the longer you play the more tense your whole body will become, one of the most important and most over looked aspects of playing any instrument is comfort, students of the classical guitar can spend hours a day practicing, and one thing above all else is sure to make you feel miserable , POOR POSTURE! This is however a very easy fix and the brief time it take to fix this problem is an investment that will pay dividends for the rest of your life.


The first thing is to experiment with many alternatives to a traditional foot stool, my personal favourite is the classical guitar cushion but i have used the suction frame type in the past. The traditional footstool can not come close in comfort to these two other devices.


The second idea is try to maintain a neutral sitting position, straight back and spine, even wait on both legs, shoulders relatively straight and relaxed,  with a general relaxation in the body, this is a subject in its self and should be explored further by the reader.


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Thanks Steve Hughes BMus (Hons)