How To Practice Classical Guitar 1.

How To Practice Classical Guitar 1.

One of the many mantras you will be told when first starting your classical guitar journey is, practice makes perfect, well sort of but actually no! A more accurate and helpful mantra would be PRACTICE MAKES PERMANENT, this simply means that the way you practice and the things you practice will very quickly become ingrained into your system, so we must take extra care not to practice in an incorrect manor or use incorrect technique.


A brief example of this would be a student practicing a scale, the metronome marking says 100bpm and the student is eagerly trying to play the scale at full speed right from start, a whole host of problems can arise from this method, if the student instead played the scale at half speed or lower until they had mastered it and gradually added 5bpm over a period of days or weeks the desired 100bpm would eventually be reached but without any lingering timing issues or technical problems etc, if something is hard break it down into smaller packets of information and gradually build from the foundation up.


This is the principal of practice makes permanent.


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Thanks Steve Hughes BMus (Hons)