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Read About Maple tone woods

Maple tone woods

Maple a very light coloured tone wood with tight pores and thin grain lines. Because of its density and weight, Hard Maple tone wood is very bright

Read About Tone woods Mahogany 

Tone woods Mahogany 

Although not as popular as cedar and spruce classical guitars, mahogany classical guitars have been produced since the 1920’s. Mahogany tone woods

Read About Tone Woods Cedar

Tone Woods Cedar

Tone Woods Cedar

Once upon a time if you asked me what my favourite tone wood for a classical guitar was i would have said cedar. well that was a

Read About How To Practice 4

How To Practice 4

When playing the classical guitar it is very important to organise your practice times and practice spaces, it can be difficult for adults to find

Read About How To Practise 3

How To Practise 3

When playing the classical guitar it is important to keep track of where when and how much we practice. Why is this important? When we practice the

Read About How To Practice 2

How To Practice 2

As you learn to play the classical guitar you quickly come to realise that the longer you play the more tense your whole body will become, one of the

Read About How To Practice 1

How To Practice 1

One of the many mantras you will be told when first starting your classical guitar journey is, practice makes perfect, well sort of but actually no!

Read About Tone woods Spruce

Tone woods Spruce

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